Advanced WHMCS Hosting Cart (Order Form) – OnePage Review & Checkout

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WHMCS Hosting Cart – Order Form is a high quality, native, responsive, modern, colorful and fully Advanced complete WHMCS order form template, created by experienced WHMCS developers. 100% of its code is written by using native WHMCS function, so it is much faster and secure than other similar order forms available on market today.

Plus – we love mobile-first designs – that’s why we used Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome icon, CSS3 and HTML5 techniques with smooth color combination to make sure that your order form would look great on all mobile devices, tablets, full-screen previews and pages with many WHMCS based products and groups.

This advanced WHMCS order form template is fully compatible with any versions of WHMCS SIX client area template. it support any whmcs based client area templates which have Bootstrap and Font Awesome icon inside in it.

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WHMCS – 6.0.X , 6.1.X , 6.2.X , 6.3.X , 7.0.X , 7.1.X , 7.2.X , 7.3.X (beta)


  • One page Order Review and Checkout completion.
  • Responsive, Modern, Stylish and Colorful design.
  • Support all default Translations from WHMCS platform.
  • Recreated default select input with live search using [Bootstrap Select].
  • Added [Table Sort] into Domain Renewals page for easy sorting.
  • Redesign all cart pages for responsiveness, smartness, and colorfulness.
  • Added AIC (Artificial Intelligence Colors) every page to feel the colors.
  • Added 100+ AIC Colors that can change itself Cleverly.
  • Impressively redesign the Cart View and Checkout, Add-ons, Domain Renewals, Products Pricing, New Domain etc PAGES for better view and responsiveness.
  • Logged in users not need to fill already archived info on their account
  • Impressively designed web hosting products pricing chart.
  • 3 variations (can use one design at a time) for web hosting products pricing chart.
  • Redesign all default buttons to a very modern design.
  • Impressively redesigned the Products Configuration page.
  • Impressively redesigned the Domains Configuration page.
  • Impressively redesigned the Choose a Domain page.
  • All code written security in mind. So it’s very secure.
  • Very fast page load speed of every cart pages.
  • Online Documentation and Video Tutorials for Installation help.
  • Premium Installation available with very small charge.
  • Premium Customization available with extra charge.
  • In future, we will provide updates and new features for stability and security.

Dependencies: This order form required Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome icon inside your client area template to works properly. Don’t worry, already WHMCS SIX templates having all of them and normally all client area templates made with Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome icon inside in it.



  • Version 2.1:
  • Released in October 2017