eCommerce Apptech

eCommerce Apptech is unique mobile application for Supermarkets, Grocery Shops etc. It is now functional to have an app for your supermarket and grocery store, which helps the people buy products easily and quickly on the go. To have more consumers reach your store, the app helps achieving that target virtually. The app design and structure lets the consumers go through various list options on the app to buy a new product or see the price. The grocery app design helps the grocery business set new standards in the market and create a good brand image.

App Features

Interactive UI : The UI design of the app & website is created in such a way that the users find it interactive.

Payments Methods : Support 99% of payment methods.

Payment Integration : We make payment integration of various methods like Cards, Net Banking, and E-wallets etc.

Shipping Methods : Automatically loads shipping methods

Search Products / Filters : Allows customer to search products globally on the home page and search/filter products within categories

Product Listing : View the list of products with custom sorting like Price, Relevance, and Reviews etc.

Add to Cart from listing page : Allows customer to easily add a product from listing page no need to go to the details page. Our cart module will manage everything for you

Categories : Category listing can make the buyout process simpler and easier.

Repeat Order : Consumers can repeat their previous orders in order to have make checkouts.

Cart Customization : Supermarkets can have unique shopping cart for their mobile application with custom options.

Real-time update on products and categories : Categories and products are updated in app automatically. No need to manage anything separately

Wishlist : Allows customers to manage their wishlist

Password reset : Allows customers to initiate a password reset from the app itself

Product Review and rating : Allows customers to review items, leave feedback and read the reviews posted by others.

Send push notification to a specific category : Allows you to send a notification to a specific category. when your customer click on the notification, opens intended category page.

Send push notification to a specific product : Allows you to send a notification to a specific product. when your customer click on the notification, opens intended product page.

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