Google Shopping feed

Google Feed Extension Magento 2 :-

This is the most essential extensions for your Magneto 2 powered eCommerce store as with the help of this extension the products listed on your Magento store can be displayed through dynamic search on Google. The plugin empowers you with the capability to employ the dynamic power of Google mapping to your Magento store products or to export your Magento store products to the Google Shopping. The plugin helps you to employ the most important operations like Magento Store and Google category mapping, Google attributes and store attribute mapping etc.

This extension is developed to meet each specific business requirement for your Magento store to boost its sales through the dynamic search benefits of Google. This peerless extension is not only advanced in its functionality but is practically user-friendly so that to increase its productivity and adaptability.

Advantages of Choosing our Google Feed Extension for Magento 2 :-

Following a well-developed intuitiveness in its approach, our Google Feed Extension for Magento 2 is particularly easy to use and displays a well-synchronized process of mapping field/attributes of your products with Google field/attributes. With this, the plugin is developed to show compatibility with the latest changes in Google attributes. Further, the peerless plugin support we offer is cost effective. With this, our detailed user guide for the Google feed Extension plugin for Magento 2 allows you to learn and employ the plugin to its best use. From generating manual and auto cron XML to filtering XML data with product min and max price this extension is capable of all the useful operations required to boost the business of your Magento Store.

The functionality of our Google Feed Extension for Magento 2 :-

• Export of Magento Store product to Google Shopping.
• Product Category Mapping with Google Categories.
• Product Attribute Mapping with latest Google Product Attribute.
• Filter XML Data Store Category Selection.

With a well-established customer support that helps each of our clients wholeheartedly with any information regarding the use and installation of this extension, we believe in building an everlasting technical support for you.