Hotel Booking Engine 5 widgets including WordPress plugin

Start by setting up a hotel by adding details about the hotel like property details, Description, geo tagging your address on google, further details like nearby attractions & distance to transport services like air, port . features of your hotel, policies, Services & images of hotel.
ROOM TYPES: Can add multiple room types and configure the number of rooms in each room type. Can also select amenities of each room type in detail.
RATE PLANS: Can create multiple rate plans for each room type. Example: A Superior room (room type) can have the below 2 rate plans (or more)
a. Superior Room with Breakfast.
b. Superior Room with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Configure the rate plans in detail by giving year round defaults(rates of the rate plan all through the year) & last minute defaults)rates of the rate plan before just a few days.
PAYMENT GATEWAY- Paypal configured. Just have to put username, password & signature. Hotel can also take bank transfer by providing details of account that will be shown in the invoice page.
THE YEARLY CALENDAR BUILDER: You get a yearly/monthly calendar to PLAN & SHOW various aspects of your hotel. DRAG & Select YEARLY BUILDER. Follow the details below.
 Start by selecting the room type & rate plan. Can do a Single Rate Plan update or Multi Rate plan update
 You can create a season by typing a name, selecting the dates in the calendar year & days. Now play around by changing the
1. Availability of rooms for the selected dates
2. Rates of the rateplan.
3. Minimum nights stay.
4. Stop Selling on the booking page.
5. Change inclusions.
6. Change CTA & CTD/
 You can change the same in Monthly deals too.
Reservations- View & modify all reservations through a single panel called “ Daybook Calendar”. You get to see a calendar with all reservations coming from the booking engine. You can modify the booking as well. Can also create a booking from the same calendar. Also see the booking list in detail.
WIDGETS- You get a host of widgets that can be integrated onto a PHP based website or onto a WordPress site too. Every Widget is completely customizable as per color, size or style, Show Hide Options, Customizable text captions and a host of other options to customize the widget to suit the color and theme of your front end website. These widgets are different since you get the code directly to the customized widget. This code can be copied to any website on any server. A wordpress plugin integration is also available with instructions of how to use. The 5 Widgets include.
 BOX WIDGET with various filter options.
 BUTTON WIDGET with a customizable button.
 RATE WIDGET which can display starting rates.
 CALENDAR WIDGET with room type calendar or property calendar.
 DIRECT LINKS for hotel or specific room types which can be shared with external websites for referrals.
FACEBOOK APP: A step by step instruction to create a FACEBOOK button and link to your booking page.
MARKETING TOOLS: Can create HOT DEALS for based on rateplans and apply discounts, exclude/include dates & add policies.
APPEALING OFFER: Give discounts by creating offers that reflect on the booking page.
BOOKING EXTRAS: Can add different extra services per booking or night or person or quantity. Can also customize by adding it for specific room types of rate plans.
PROMO COUPONS: Create Promotion Coupon Codes by applying a % discount or a value discount, Apply it to different rate plans & to HOT DEALS that you have created.
EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: Create email notifications for Guest, Hotel owner or any custom emails Upon Booking Confirmation.
BOOKING PAGE CUSTOMIZATIONS: Various customizations for the booking page fully available from creating banner image, selecting background image, customizing reservation form in the booking page, Adding header & footer content.
STATISTICS: Get information on bookings received and views on the website. Fully integration READY for OTAs or any channel managers.

The FRONT END Booking Page can be viewed at.
The WIDGETS can be viewed at the below link:
The HOTEL OWNER LOGIN Can be accessed at.
PASSWORD: 123456