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Jobs Aggregator is a Automatic Feed Extractor which can easily get feeds from any source you add , it has been tested on 50+ job sites like indeed , careersma etc and works amazing in extracting job content .

Furthermore, Job Feeder is user-friendly, responsive, and customizable for any niche or use as your personal job listing

Build on Laravel 5.1 which is the best framework in the market with high security .

Once you configured everything, you can sit down, relax and run your website on auto-pilot, read job postings and even make money if you want!


  • Generate Websites using Sources
  • User Role Management
  • Cron Job Logs
  • Make money with Ads – Integrated with 20+ Ad Sections for easy Ads Management
  • Setup Auto Pilot so you sit back and system will take care of everything
  • Preview Job Listing before posting , also posts new articles from admin and customer panel
  • SEO Optimized Complete website
  • Add Categories , Sub Categories with option to show in header , sidebar or footer
  • Custom CSS and Custom JS
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • Individual Author Pages and Author Dashboard
  • Fully Responsive, works on any mobile device, tablet or Desktop
  • iPhone, iPad and Android compatible
  • Easy to use and maintain!
  • Money Making Easily with Integrating Taboola , Outbrain , MGID etc.

Best of all is that you can use Job Feeder in many ways, even to make money with affiliate content feed or regular advertising.

Google Adsense, or any other advertising network you wish to use.Affiliate Programs with rss feed support, for Example eBay, Amazon or anything else.