Magento 2 Call For Price


Merchants occasionally have products and services where prices should be hidden for many reasons.
These items might free, out of stock or their prices change frequently and need to be verified by phone, email and etc.
The product prices will become a consensus between merchants and their customer.
Call For Price is a tool with flexible option, you can effectively manage all the product price status by decide which are display, which must be contact to know price.

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Backend Demo

Login page:

Username: cfpdemouser

Password: xmage2demouser

Frontend Demo

Demo page:

Call for price – Request form

Product that enable call for price will be hide the price and “Add to cart” button, then add a button “Call for price”.
Customer click the button to send price request to merchant. They will get an email after that.

List product

Call for price – Configuration

This configuration will decide if a product will be hide the price or not. Admin can select existing category(categories) and customer group for hiding price.
It also select email template and decide if email auto send to customer or not


Call for price – Enable for specific product

Admin decide product enable call for price that depend on catgory or depend on product config

Product Configuration

Call for price – Customer request management

All request from customer will be list in this funtion. Admin can update price for this request and send email to customer when “Auto send email” is disabled.

List Request

Layouts of Call For Price are responsive on mobile devices, that improves customer experience and increase your sales.

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