Medical Appointment Management System (UI),Dashboard for Simple User | Mas

About MAS

The idea of MAS is show a Dashboard for Simple Users of whatever Medical Clinic. Through this platform the user (a normally person who needs an appointment with an specialist or particular doctor) can make it without go out of home, just with wifi available this user would cancel an appointment, book an appointment, check his/her result of examinations or know more about doctors everything online!. We want to offer a simple, intuitive, useful and great design for person who create an account can book an appointment fastly. We know there’s platforms offering this service but it has almost a perfect functionality because it does not have a good interface but here we show that it’s possible to get a great design with the perfect functionality, together.

Note. In this teme you will find all interface, styles and animations for being adapted to your platform. The general operation i mean, make an appointment system, change an appointment, all related with data base and drive of users is not available in this version. We offer all IU to be adapted and make an excellent platform of management system.


if you have any question or you need support , please post your questions or suggestions in item’s discussion board or email us at