Obituaries – Funeral services and obituaries


This script is designed to offer an alternative practice to funeral services. The administrator, from the administrative area, will be able to put photos and details of the deceased, as well as the date and place where the funeral will take place.

But that’s not all! This script can also be useful to everyone, in fact, you can create a site to collect all famous death people.

You can leave your condolences in two different ways, by clicking on the button with the sad smile or by leaving a message via facebook comments.

“Obituaries” installs in just 10 min. It is designed for everyone, even for less experienced ones, its installation is very simple and fast! Our staff is at your disposal if you need it, just send an email.


  1. It is installed in just 10 min
  2. Easy to manage with the administrative area
  3. Easy to manage, even for inexperienced!
  4. Add new obituary with photos
  5. Edit and Delete Obituary
  6. Change status “Active-Inactive”
  7. Give the condolences with a Click
  8. Post your condolences through FB comments
  9. Create new pages
  10. Translate all in one file