Sky Knight – HTML5 Shoot ’em up Game

Sky Knight is Shoot ‘em up (shmup)  vertically scrolling top-down perspective retro shooter game. You need to defend the earth from the enemies attack, there are 7 weapons (bullet pattern) for help you each level, randomly dropped when the enemy destroyed. Can you survive from enemies attack? And fight the final boss to win this game.


  • 10 Challenging levels.
  • 7 Bullet patterns for player weapon attack.
  • 2 Bosses waiting and ready to Challenge you.
  • Using Construct 2 official plugins, without third party plugins,.
  • Game Pad supported (only for player shot & movement control).
  • Game assets included.
  • free version supported.
  • Auto save level progess.
  • Mobile browser and mobile native optimized.
  • 1 Capx source code for desktop and mobile native version (Android & iOS) with auto detect config.


You need Construct 2 v.244 with Personal License to modified this game.

Android preview gameplay you can watch on preview video.