WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin

WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin allows your store visitors to switch currencies. Multi-Currency Switcher provides both automatic & Manual switching features. The currencies are converted using the correct exchange rate. Woocommerce currency Switcher is a must have plugin to personalize your store by displaying prices in the customers’ local currencies.

With GEO IP Multi Currency, you can add multiple currencies to your eCommerce website to let the users know product prices in their local currency. You can define rules to set the default currency for a country or region that automatically transpose product pricing in a local or rather more familiar currency.

The multi-regional eCommerce websites need to add multiple currencies that allow the users from different countries to shop in their local currency. The free version of GEOIP Multi Currency enables you to add more currencies to your website..

Main Features

All currency listings

All the currencies from around the world are listed in the free version to let you add any currency you want.

Add multiple currency

You can add as much currencies to your online store as you need. Browse the listings and select the one you are looking for.

Add currency value manually

You can set a currency value manually to show the equivalent product price from the base currency.

Get currency value online

You can opt to get currency value directly from Yahoo Exchange Or Google Exchange to convert product pricing with real time exchange rates.

GEO IP Default Currency

Define rules for showing a default currency to a select group of countries or region. It enables the users to view localized product pricing on your store.

Auto and manual currency switching

Woocommerce add currency plugin recognizes the IP-based geolocation of the users and automatically switches the currency as per the rules you define. The users can also change the currency manually.

Import Geo Tables

The plugin users MaxMind database by default for recognizing users’ locations by their IP addresses. You can import any other IP database.

IP Exceptions

Add IP addresses to the exceptions section while defining the rules to let them away from currency switches. The rule will not apply on them whenever they visit your website in the specified time duration.